This page contains the information for the 2017-18 school budget as it progressed through the review and approval process. This page may be best viewed using Google Chrome.


Click image below for the Cape Elizabeth School Budget 2017-2018

Superintendent's Budget Memo
Superintendent Letter to Town Council (4/12/17)

FY 18 Major Teaching & Learning Considerations
School Department Annual Report - 2017
Changes to FY 18 Budget as of 3/28/17

Budget Revenue Summary/Tax Impact (revised 4/12/17)  
Fund Balance with 22 years History
Fund Balance with 3% Budget Comparison
Pie Chart of Budget Categories (revised 4/12/17)
Budget Highlights (revised 4/12/17)
Per Pupil Expenditures Based on FY 15  (revised 3/16/17)
Initial Proposals Not Included in Budget
Criteria for supply versus equipment 
School Board Questions with responses (3/21/17)
State Subsidy Report FY 18 (3/22/17)
School Debt as of 04/11/17 (4/12/17)

New Program/Position Evaluations

 2016-2017 Literacy Coach Position Evaluation
 2016-2017 Student Driven Learning Coordinator Position Evaluation
 2016-2017 HS Tech Integrator Position Evaluation
 2016-2017 SPED Office Manager Position Evaluation

Pond Cove

 Comparative Staffing Data for Response to Intervention
 Student Assessment Data

Middle School

 Proposed Middle School Class Sizes FY 17-18
 Intervention Data for FY 17-18

High School

 Portland Arts and Technology High School Memo on Increase
 Supplemental Budget Information

Facilities & Transportation

 Capital Improvement List FY 17-18 (revised 3/22/17)
 5 Year Capital Improvement List (4/12/17)
 Custodial Coverage, Current and Proposed (3/22/17)
 School Capital Improvement Plan September 2013 (3/22/17)
 Combined Town and School Capital Improvement Plan September 2013 (3/22/17)

Special Education
  Budget Proposal Introduction
 Special Education Program Staffing 2010-2018 (3/29/17)

Recent Updates

04-25-17 TC Workshop on proposed FY18 School Budget
04-11-17  SB Vote on School Budget
04-04-17  Budget Workshop Video
03-28-17  Budget Workshop Video
03-21-17  Budget Workshop Video
03-07-17  Budget Workshop Video
02-28-17  Budget Workshop Video
01-31-17  Budget Workshop Video

Budget Review Schedule

Downloadable PDF Copy of Budget Schedule

Cape Budget

Enrollment & Staffing

 Enrollment Compared to Professional Staffing Levels
 Enrollment Compared to All Staffing Levels
 Student Teacher Ratio for PC and MS
 New and Withdrawn Student Data for MS
 HS Class Size Teacher Load as of February 2017
 Class Size Policy
 Other Staffing by School
 Area High School class size/student load per teacher comp (3/21/17)
 Total Staff Plus Enrollment 99/00 through 17/18 (revised 4/3/17)

New Program/Position Proposals
 2017-2018 Nursing Administrative Assistant Position Proposal   
 2017-2018 Middle School Teacher Position Proposal
 2017-2018 2 High School Custodians Position Proposal
 2017-2018 PC Response To Intervention Ed Tech III Positions Proposal
 2017-2018 PC Responsive Classroom Program Proposal
 2017-2018 Full-Time Gifted & Talented Position Proposal
 2017-2018 SPED Office Manager Position Proposal
 2017-2018 Support Services Coordinator Position Proposal
 2017-2018 Behavior Specialists Position Proposal
 2017-2018 Health Services Admin Asst Position Proposal

 2015-2016 School Year Athletic Participation
 Fall 2015 Participation
 Spring 2016 Participation
 Winter 2015-2016 Participation

 Cost Proposal for New High School Devices (revised 04/12/17)
 Technology Budget Presentation

Food Services
 Food Service Operations Budget FY 18 

Special Funds

  Title IA & Title IIA 
  Local Entitlement (IDEA) 
  Transition Grant for Proficiency Based Education