Facilities & Transportation

 Facilities & Transportation Budget Overview
 Facilities & Transportation Budget Details updated 4/5/16
 Capital Improvement request breakdown updated 4/6/16

Improvement of Instruction

 Improvement of Instruction Budget Overview
 Improvement of Instruction Budget Details  updated 4/5/16
  Budget Details - Volunteer services  updated 4/5/16
  Budget Details - Gifted & Talented  
  Budget Details - ELL (English Language Learners)
   Budget Details - Summer School (Open Doors Studio)

Budget Review Schedule

Downloadable PDF Copy of Budget Schedule

Special Education

 Special Education Budget Overview  updated 4/6/16
 Historical Program Staffing
 Historical Identifications
 Program Caseloads
 Special Education Budget Details - K-8 / 9-12  updated 4/5/16
 Least Restrictive Environment - projected changes updated 4/6/16
 Special Education specific FY17 budget highlights updated 4/11/16


 Athletic Budget Overview
 Athletic Budget Details  updated 4/5/16

Debt Service

 Debt Service Details 


 Technology Budget Overview
 Technology Budget Details updated 4/5/16


 Contingency Detail  updated 4/7/16 

Enrollment & Staffing

 Enrollment History & Projection
 Proposed Staffing Changes
 Staff List by Department
 Staffing by School
 Enrollment as of February 1, 2016
 Enrollment as of March 1, 2016
 Enrollment as of April 1, 2016

Food Services
 Food service other updated 4/5/16
 Food service Operations 


 Budget projection updated 4/7/16

Special Funds
  Title IA & Title IIA updated 4/6/16
  Local Entitlement (IDEA) updated 4/6/16
This page contains information from the 2016-17 school budget review and approval process. This page may be best viewed using Google Chrome.

4-05-16  Budget Workshop Video
3-22-16  Budget Workshop Video
3-15-16  Budget Workshop Video
3-01-16  Budget Workshop Video
3-01-16  Superintendent's Budget presentation (pdf) 


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  6. Office of the Superintendent
  7. Facilities & Transportation
  8. Improvement of Instruction
  9. Special Education
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  11. 11 Debt Service
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  15. 15 Other

Superintendent's Budget Overview

 Superintendent's Budget Overview  updated 4/14/16
 Budget projection updated 4/7/16


 Budget Revenue Summary/Tax Impact  updated 4/7/16
 Summary of Accounts  updated 4/7/16
 Funding History updated 4/7/16
 Fund Balance updated 4/6/16
 Category Summary updated 4/13/16
 Criteria for supply versus equipment
 Explanation of account changes
 Technology Accounts 3/22/16
 Improvement of Instruction 3/22/16
 Budget chart FY17

Pond Cove

  Pond Cove Budget Overview
 Pond Cove Budget Details  updated 4/5/16
 Pond Cove specific budget highlights  updated 4/12/16

Middle School

 Middle School Budget Overview
 MS Budget Details  updated 4/5/16

High School

 High School Budget Overview
 HS Budget Details  updated 4/5/16

Office of the Superintendent

 Superintendent's Office Budget Details  updated 4/5/16
 AP Clerk and Receptionist job description draft
 Bookkeeper-Payroll Coordinator job description draft
 HR Coordinator job description draft