This page contains information from the 2015-16 school budget review and approval process.


Recent Updates

5-04-15  Budget Workshop video
4-29-15  PR: CE Town Council Reduces School Bd Budget
4-27-15  School Board's Budget presentation to TC (pdf)
3-24-15  Budget Workshop video
3-19-15  Budget Workshop video
3-17-15  Budget Workshop video
3-03-15  Budget Workshop video
2-25-15  Budget Workshop video
2-25-15  Superintendent's Budget presentation 


  1. Superintendent's Budget Overview
  2. Salaries & Benefits
  3. Pond Cove
  4. Middle School
  5. High School
  6. Office of the Superintendent
  7. Facilities
  8. Student & Staff Support
  9. Volunteer Services
  10. 10 Instructional Support
  11. 11 Athletics
  12. 12 Debt Service
  13. 13 Technology
  14. 14 Contingency
  15. 15 Enrollment
  16. 16 Community Services
  17. 17 Special Funds
  18. 18 Food Services
  19. 19 Other

Superintendent's Budget Overview

 Superintendent's Budget Overview  
 Budget Summary/Tax Impact  
 Summary of Accounts  
 Major Changes  
 Funding History  
 Undesignated Fund Balance  
 Category Summary 
 Funding collaboration guide for early education (preschool) in ME

Salaries & Benefits

 Proposed Staff Changes 
 Staff List by Department  
 Staffing by School 
 K-8 Class Sizes
 Salaries & Benefits only  
 Co-Curricular Student Activities
 Coaching Budget Details

Pond Cove

  Pond Cove Budget Overview
 Pond Cove Budget Details 

Middle School

 Middle School Budget Overview
 MS Budget Details

High School

 High School Budget Overview
 HS Budget Details  

Office of the Superintendent

 Superintendent's Office Budget Details


 Facilities Budget Overview
 Facilities Budget Details
 Facilities Minor Capital Debt
 Capital Improvement Recap
 10-yr Capital Improvement Plan

Student & Staff Support

 Student & Staff Budget Overview
 Student & Staff Budget Details 
 Student & Staff Budget Details - GT & Summer School

Volunteer Services

 Volunteer Services Budget Details

Budget Review Schedule

Downloadable PDF Copy of Budget Schedule 


Instructional Support

 Instructional Support Budget Overview
 Instructional Support Budget Details
 Service Team Structure (current & projected) 
 Case Managers 
 IEP paperwork 
 Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) 
 Historical Identifications 
 Area special ed program comps 
 Special Ed Dept Staffing 


 Athletic Budget Overview
 Athletic Budget Details

Debt Service

 Debt Service Details 
 Debt Service (School Projects) 
 10-yr Capital Improvement Plan


 Technology Budget Details
 Technology Budget Details


 Contingency Detail   


 Enrollment History & Projection
 Enrollment as of April 1, 2015

Community Services

 Community Services Budget Overview
 Community Services Budget Details  
 Community Services Projected Expenditures
 Community Services Projected Revenue
 Community Services and Pool CIP

Special Funds

 Food service operations 
 Special Funds Details  
 Special funds descriptions
 Title IIa sy15 projects

Food Services

 Food service other 
 Food service operations 


 Three year budget projection
Superintendent's Office
(207) 799-2217
Donna Wolfrom, Superintendent
Cathy Stankard, Affirmative Action Officer, McKinney-Vento Liaison, Title IX Coordinator
Del Peavey, ADA/504 Coordinator, Director of Special Services
Pond Cove Elementary School
(207) 799-7339
Jason Manjourides, Principal
Cape Elizabeth Middle School
(207) 799-8176
Troy Eastman, Principal
Cape Elizabeth High School
(207) 799-3309
Jeff Shedd, Principal
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