Budget Tax Implications based on Council Vote of May 14, 2018 (added 05.15.18)

Notice of Amounts Adopted at Town Council Meeting for Voters at School Budget Validation Referendum (added 05.15.18)

School Board Proposed 2018-2019 Budget Documents for Council April 24th Meeting (updated 04/24/18)

Budget Categories 2018-2019  

(MRSA Title 20-A Subsection 1485)

Click below for the Cape Elizabeth School Budget 2018-2019

2018-2019 Final Budget Master Detail

Budget Tax Implications plus History (updated 04.10.2018) 
Primary Reason for Budget Increase FY 18-19 (added 04/10/2018) 
School Budget Increases Compared to Tax Increases       (updated 04/10/18) 
State Subsidy Historical Data (updated 04/10/18)
Comparative Schools Budget and Tax Rate Increases FY19  (added 03/30/18) 
Budget Reduction Options for FY 2018-19 
Budget Changes as of 04.10.18 
Budget Highlights 2018-2019 (updated 04/11/18) 
Priority Items Not Included in Initial Budget 2018-2019           (revised 03/06/2018) 
 State Calculation for Funding Public Education (PreK-12) Report for Cape Elizabeth (ED 279)
 Fund Balance
Per Pupil Expenditures for FY 2015-2016 
 Voting Results for Past 7 Years (updated 07/03/18)
 Health Insurance Increases (added 04/24/18)

New Program/Position Evaluations
 General Education RtI Educational Technicians-Pond Cove
 Responsive Classroom Training Grades K-2 Teachers-Pond Cove
Student Support Coordinators
 High School Custodian
 Behavior Specialist/BCBA
 Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Pond Cove
2018-2019 Budget Overview
Student Teacher Ratios

Middle School

2018-2019 Budget Overview
Student Teacher Ratios

High School

2018-2019 Budget Overview
 Average Class Size/Teacher Load

Facilities & Transportation
 2018-2019 Budget Overview (updated 04/24/18)
 Architect and Engineering Services 2018-2019 (updated 04/06/18)
 School Capital Improvement Plan September 2013
 Combined Town and School Capital Improvement Plan September 2013
 Completed Capital Improvement Projects as of April 2018   (added 04.26.18)
 School Portion of 2015 Bond (added 04.26.18)
 School Feasibility Study Process (added 05.02.18)

2016-17 CEHS Athletic Participation Numbers
 2016-17 CEHS Fall Athletic Participation Numbers
2016-17 CEHS Winter Athletic Participation Numbers
2016-17 CEHS Spring Athletic Participation Numbers

Recent Updates

04-30-18  Proposed School Renovations Revisit Workshop Video
04-25-18  School Budget presentation to Town Council video
04-24-18  School Budget presentation to Town Council video
04-12-18  School Budget workshop with TC (not recorded)
04-11-18  Budget Public Forums [9AM & 6PM] videos
04-10-18  Budget Adoption by SB
04-05-18  Budget Workshop Video
03-29-18  Budget Workshop Video
03-27-18  Budget Workshop Video
03-20-18  Budget Workshop Video
03-15-18  Budget Workshop Video
03-08-18  Budget Workshop Video
02-27-18  Budget Workshop Video
02-06-18  Budget Workshop Video
01-30-18  Proposed School Renovations Workshop Video

Budget Review Schedule

Downloadable PDF Copy of Budget Schedule

Enrollment & Staffing

Enrollment History plus FY 2018-2019 Projections
Staffing for School Department (updated 04/24/18)
Educational Levels for Professional Staff
Professional Staff Experience
Collective Bargaining Agreements (Salaries & Benefits) Compared to Total Budget
Teacher Staffing Compared to EPS Recommendations 
Staffing Changes over Time (added 04/24/18) 
Enrollment Compared to Professional Staffing Levels (added 04/24/18) 

New Program/Position Proposals 
 Learning Strategist-Pond Cove
 Lunch/Recess Support Aides-Pond Cove
 Responsive Classroom Training Grades 3-4   Teachers-Pond Cove
 Nursing Administrative Assistant
 Social Worker-Middle School
 Special Education Teacher-Middle School
 0.6 Computer Science Teacher-High School
 Full-Time French/Spanish Teacher or Half-Time French Teacher and Half-Time Literacy Teacher-High School
 Custodian-Middle School
 Custodian-High School/Pool
 Additional Building Maintenance
 Clerical Support-Business Office

Special Education
 2018-2019 Budget Overview

Improvement of Instruction

 2018-2019 Narrative

Gifted and Talented
 2018-2019 Narrative

English Language Learners
 2018-2019 Narrative

School Debt
 School Debt as of July 1, 2018

2018-2019 Budget Review

Food Services
 2018-2019 Budget Review

Special Funds

  Title IA & Title IIA & Title IVA Budget (revised 03/15/18)
   Transition Grant for Proficiency Based Education Budget
  Title IA & Title IIA & Title IVA  and Transition Grant Information
  Local Entitlement (IDEA) Grant
Superintendent's Office
(207) 799-2217
Donna Wolfrom, Superintendent
Cathy Stankard, Affirmative Action Officer, McKinney-Vento Liaison, Title IX Coordinator
Del Peavey, ADA/504 Coordinator, Director of Special Services
Pond Cove Elementary School
(207) 799-7339
Jason Manjourides, Principal
Cape Elizabeth Middle School
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Troy Eastman, Principal
Cape Elizabeth High School
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Jeff Shedd, Principal
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